Monday, December 6, 2010

Extra Credit - Book Arts Jam

For my extra credit project I attended the BOOK ARTS JAM at Foothill College on October 16th, 2010. Here I viewed the print shop and attended a lecture by Jody Alexander.

Print Shop:
At the print shop, I found students working on of T-Shirt silk screening and an instructor providing demonstrations of old printing machines. I learned from the instructor that it took a lot of technical skill to keep the machines running. I recall from my own experience as the daughter of a printer, that these machines were very manual in nature.

The print shop exhibit offered the opportunity to practice manual types setting.  The photos below are ones I took myself. The last photo shows the type casts used to manually set type.

Offset printing press - Foot Hill College studio
Instructor at Foothill College demonstrating printing practices at October Book Arts Fair 2010
Type setting materials at Foothill College Books Arts Fair 2010
Lecture by Jodi Alexander

Book artist, Jodie Alexander, gave a lecture entitled The Odd Volumes of Ruby B. This was a fascinating discovery of how the artist, Jodie, developed a persona called Ruby from whose eyes she created books by hand. Jodie not only created books but designed an entire room which she imagined belonged to Ruby. The room included intricate details such as pillows, wall hangings, even tea cups from which Jodie imagined that Ruby stained her books to give it an antique effect. The photos below are of the books themselves and of Ruby's imagined room.

The photos below are from

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